Explained: Dagger Scopes and Subcomponents for Android Development

For the longest time, I just made do with a single AppComponent that I kept in my Application subclass. Whenever I needed to inject dependencies, I’d just call getApplication(), cast it and grab my component. Part of it was because I didn’t understood scopes and subcomponents. The other part was because the projects I worked on weren’t big enough to require another component. A single AppComponent is good enough for smaller projects, but as your...

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A Shot of Espresso

Why Espresso? Why not? I’m serious. There’s so much about it that makes it a delight to use: Hamcrest Matching Simple syntax Easy Extensibility I toiled around a lot with the native Android instrumentation library before taking to Espresso and, I have to say, the difference is substantial. Don’t put it off like I did, try it out now. Prepping Your Tools This tutorial assumes you’re using Android Studio. If you’re not, you should go...

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Getting Started with Jekyll on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

What’s a Jekyll? To some, Jekyll is a serial killer with medically-induced dissociative identity disorder. To others, it’s a blog-aware, static site generator. That means, it creates directories and html that allows you to easily build out a blog site (like this one). Currently, at the time of writing, the latest stable version is 2.2.3, which comes loaded with a ton of nifty features like pagination and node integration. It’s similar to what many call...

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Modernizing Your Web Workflow with Grunt and Bower

What Does It Mean To Modernize? Modernizing has a different meaning to each person. A manager might think it means switching to agile. A sales associate might consider it to be updating to the latest POS system. As a developer (or code hobbyist), it probably means to adopt automation and abstraction. Grunt and Bower are two command-line utilities for automating tasks and dependency management, respectively. With a few simple commands, they will install all dependencies,...

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